G’day! I am Nikolas Wang, I would like to share with you my amazing life experience here in Australia. From my name and photo you should be able to tell that I am of Asian descendent (my parents are Chinese) but I am born and raised in Brazil. So why come to Australia? Well, my story started with my dad offering me a chance to go overseas to take my last year of high school. I chose Australia among the other English speaking countries for its multicultural environment, friendly people, safety and beauty. Also, the weather is pretty similar to Brazil.


The Year 12 exchange program allowed me to adapt myself to the Australian lifestyle and customs. Since then, I have broaden my interest in learning from other cultures and and immersing myself in environments with people from distinct backgrounds.

My big aim in life at that time was to be financially independent and start my career as soon as I could. The opportunity came when my father decided to let me choose any university in the world to study my degree. I could have chosen USA or England. However, what mattered the most to me was the lifestyle and experience that the place could bring me as a whole, which I believe is what influences your life the most in the long run. Since then, I knew without any doubt that Australia was the perfect option for me. So, I went ahead and studied Health Science for 3 years at a university in Queensland.

Now that I have completed my degree and I look back, it is amazing how much I have grown as a person since I started to live independently. I have become more responsible, realistic about life and happier. All this was only possible because I stepped out of my comfort zone to attempt in achieving my goals. I know myself better know, and I’m aware of the gifts and abilities I possess, which has helped me to narrow down my career path . I am currently working as cardiac technician at beautiful city Geelong where I have been able to serve the local community while living the life of my dreams.

Archangels Care was the catalyst to my achievements. I was given amazing support when I was seeking for the cardiac technician full time position. I will always be grateful with Roxy and her colleagues for their prompt assistance by dropping me at the door step of my dream career , and helping me secure the job interview within such a short time frame. The interview was successful and here I am sharing my story with you! This is how Archangels Care honours its name, I don’t know what I would’ve done without them!