I have been using Archangels Care to help me find radiography work over the years and I am very impressed by their professional services. Whether if you are available for the long term or short term or even just for a few days, they would do their absolute best to help you find the job that suits your needs.


I am working part time and also studying, so doing locum work is a good source of additional income during uni holidays, and they have managed to find me locum positions that suited my availability really well. There were occasions when I have had few days free and at a very short notice, Archangels Care have more often than not, come up with solutions to get work for these days I was free.


The staff at Archangels Care are very friendly, highly motivated and easy to deal with and they always answer or return your phone calls or emails promptly! Always through my experience with them, within in same day or even within a few hours! Roxy is especially pleasant to work with! They always pay their locums on time and the accurate amount, which is really important, since the whole point of doing locum is to get paid properly and promptly… Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of locuming!

I have not had any problems with getting accurately paid for my work, thanks to the administrative team! In summary, from my personal dealing with Archangels Care, I rate them highly and have recommended them to my co-workers when they have needed locum radiography jobs.