It gives me great pleasure to write about my association with Roxana and her team.

My quest for a job started in 2009 while I was doing my fellowship at Westmead on a work visa, and I had one year […]


G’day! I am Nikolas Wang, I would like to share with you my amazing life experience here in Australia. From my name and photo you should be able to tell that I am of Asian descendent (my parents are […]


For me personally, Archangels Care is more than just a Consultancy Service, they are a friendly supportive family away from home.  They were recommended to me by a friend.

I  relocated permanently from the United Kingdom to the Gold Coast […]


Looking at a map of Europe superimposed on Australia makes us Irish realise how big this country really is!

I arrived in Melbourne on Thursday, flew to Sydney on Sunday, spent Monday running around Sydney opening a bank account, getting […]


I personally recommend Archangels Care to anyone who wish to find a job. The owner of this agency was my saviour at one point. I almost left this country, when my temporary visa was about to expire. I had […]