It gives me great pleasure to write about my association with Roxana and her team.

My quest for a job started in 2009 while I was doing my fellowship at Westmead on a work visa, and I had one year left to finish. The future ahead was bleak, and I was only one of those several overseas candidates trying their luck in another country. Attempts to connect with many agencies either did not materialise, or they would seem happy with me doing almost nothing (certainly something that I would never want to compromise on, especially after a decade of doing what I loved the most). It was then that my Echocardiographer friend recommended me to try Archangels Care. She gave me a personal name and her contact number, which for me seemed pretty unique, compared to other agencies with websites and email addresses where I had no idea of who was looking into my future!


Having nothing to lose (but with also with no specific expectations after all that I had gone through), I decided to call Roxana, who responded quite quickly, not just through a phone call but also in person. I was overwhelmed with the personalised service, but decided not to go overboard with my expectations. An hour and half of lengthy discussion made me realise that I was talking to someone who was honest, very positive and extremely dedicated to her work. I had only my friend’s experience to trust. We stayed in touch but I decided to go overseas for some additional stints and then came the dreadful period towards the end of my overseas fellowship when I had no idea what to look for next. Public Hospitals had their own favourite candidates and private groups did not want anyone else. At that point in time, I had offers from many agencies promising me sunshine, beach surroundings, handsome packages and what not, but no assurance of quality of work, something I could’ve never given up. In fact, one of my senior colleagues described my situation as “not particularly enviable.”

What happened next was just unbelievable. Roxana took it upon herself to find me a job, moved heaven and earth, made enquiries, called up hospitals, sent my CV, and in 2 weeks I had a very unusual job offer which sounded promising. I had my interview over Skype from Canada. This job ended up having the perfect combination: the possibility of being with my family, an excellent income and also the quality of work that I was looking for.

I have met a lot of people with plenty of promises to make but very few that actually keep them. In this story, the true angel was Roxy. My family and I will remain indebted to her forever.