I recently had the opportunity to do a locum through Archangels Care, and it was such a wonderful experience.

To do locum work is very challenging , but extremely rewarding. There are some people that love being in their comfort zone, with a stable routine and in a well-known surroundings, but there are others who have the unstoppable urge to travel, see the world and work in different environments. I belong to the second group.

I was at a stage in my life where my children had grown up and had left home already, I was in between jobs and I was looking for a challenge. Talking about this with a friend, she suggested that I should contact Archangels Care. She said they were and amazing agency and she was sure they were going to be able to find work for me. Everything turned out to be true.

I had to get to a remote location where transport was nearly non-existent, but there was nothing to worry about, as Archangels Care had already made all the arrangements.


Archangels Care not only took charge of my hiring process, but kept close contact with me during the 2 months I was away, and they were always ready to assist in any way to make my locum a successful one. Roxy (the director of the company) even came to visit, to make sure the working conditions were ideal and to personally see how I was doing. She arrived with my supervisor (who was working in a major hospital 3 hours away). This was an awesome and unexpected gesture, and made me realise that they truly cared about me. They also made sure my pay rate was highly competitive, and the payment was always made on time.

I’m extremely grateful to Roxy and the team for their help and professionalism. If this was a truly rewarding experience was because of them. I would not have even known about this job without them as it was not an advertised position.

I recommend Archangels Care to everyone, they really honour the name of the agency.