My name is Laura and I have been involved with Archangels Care for over 18 months now as a locum radiographer. During this time, I have found Roxy and the team to be incredibly helpful as an inexperienced travelling rad. They helped to explain the process and legalities of being employed through an agency and were very patient with my rather naive questions.


The knowledge of the radiology field that the team has is remarkable. I was able to explain my personal goals for my time travelling to Roxy. She then referred positions that either suited my plans or challenged me to explore new and exciting options that I had not even considered! Through a vast network of connections in both the public and private sectors, Archangels Care were able to search on my behalf for opportunities that were not yet advertised.



Archangels Care have gone above and beyond to know me on a personal level and do the same with the employers to which they provide staff. I have felt valued both personally and for my level of skill and included in decisions regarding the length of placements and entitlements. For anyone that wishes to spend some time as a locum radiographer, would like a working holiday or casual pool positions, I would highly recommend Archangels Care to look after your needs.